Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday and its Revelation

The Basilica Minore Del Sto. NiƱo de Cebu was packed with a huge crowd who came to celebrate the "Palm Sunday". Most of the church-goers brought palms and even palm branches. There were also lots of vendors selling pre-designed palms for 5 pesos each.
Palm Sunday commemorates the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before His agony, death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as "Passion Sunday," marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds greeted him with waving palm branches, and by covering His path with palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, He begins his journey to the cross.

As we celebrate "Palm Sunday", let us not forget the God's calling during this Lenten Season: "Stop the Violence". This has brought God to the Cross to save us from all our sins. Abortion, drugs,killings, verbal abuse and etc. are the misdeeds that we are still continue doing today despite God's greatest sacrifice--giving up His life for us. The church is asking the people--who continue crucifying God by acts of violence--for their "CONSCIENCE". We must CHANGE for the better and influence other people. Let us STOP crucifying God!

The priest told us a story:

There was one child named James whose parents died at the early age in a car accident. He was so down and desperate at that moment. He even thought of committing suicide. As he was about to take his own life, he knocked at the other door of where he was staying and a little girl opened up. James asked for a glass of water and the little girl went immediately to the kitchen. After a moment the girl came back and offered him a glass of milk. He was surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of the little girl. Then, he walked away. After a few years, the girl was hospitalized. The Doctors found out that the girl was suffering from a brain tumor and the parents believed that she is dying. It was recommended that girl should undergo operation but the parents said they don't have the resources to pay for the operation. They were hopeless to save the girl. They just offered everything to God. Few days later, an unknown Doctor came to save the girl. He offered a free operation. The operation was successful and the girl was very thankful. She wanted to say thank you to the kind-hearted Doctor but he chose not to disclose his identity, but the girl insisted and so he went to the girl. The doctor said to the girl; "You don't have to say thank you because it wasn't for free. You already paid me with a glass of milk."


This reminds us that a simple act of generosity would change people's lives and even save people's lives just like Dr. James. Through the glass of milk, the good girl saved him from committing suicide because she made him realized that there is still a reason to live. Let us change our lives and change others lives to repay God's goodness. These are the things that we must ponder during this "Holy Week".

God bless everyone!


Joemill said...

Nice story. Nice reflections. What a great way to begin the Holy Week with a post like this.

simpolnibai said...

Thank you!As blogger, this is my own way of serving God. Spreading His words would help change the World!

peenkfrik said...

Touching.... I don't have a palm for this year. :(

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