Friday, April 17, 2009

Police Indiscretion on Failon Case

Mishap of Failon Family is filled with controversy. Police investigators are trying to question the statement of Ted Failon and other people involved--was it really a suicide or a foul play? Failon family and other concerned people on the other hand, denounce the unlikely behavior of Police men conducting the investigation of the Failon case. Are they taking this opportunity to take vengeance against Ted Failon for criticizing the Police of NIA Road incident?

Here are the different reactions on how the Police handles the investigation:

Senator Francis Pangilinan's Reaction

Pangilinan said the warrantless arrests of family members and Failon's household helpers are "without basis and patently illegal."

“The arrests made do not fall under warrantless arrests enumerated in Section 5, Rule 113 of the revised rules of criminal procedure," he said in a statement.

"The alleged crime committed by the relatives is not considered as continuing crimes to allow warrantless arrests. The arrests made are without basis and are patently illegal,” he said.

"Does the QCPD (Quezon City Police District) have an ax to grind against Ted Failon? Buwelta ba ito sa pagpapalabas ng ABS-CBN sa video ng mga pulis na lumalabag sa human rights ng mga suspect na ni-rub-out sa [Was this their revenge after ABS-CBN aired the video showing the police violate human rights of suspects in a rubout on] NIA Road, Quezon City?," he asked.

Senator Mar Roxas' Reaction

“Kitang-kita ng publiko kung gaano kagaspang ang ugali ng mga pulis na umaresto sa kanila. Bastusan na ba talaga ang sistema natin ngayon? (The public saw how roughly our police handled Ted and the others accused by the police. Is the system really as bad as this?)” Roxas fumed.

“Alam ng lahat kung gaano katindi bumanat si Ted sa mga nasa gobyerno, lalo na ang mga pulis na corrupt. Nagdududa na tuloy ang marami na tina-target si Ted ng mga awtoridad sa imbestigasyong ito (Everyone knows how Ted criticizes this government, how much he abhors corrupt police officers. So now people suspect authorities are just getting back at Ted, that would explain the rough treatments),” the Visayan senator said.

Honestly, I find the news disturbing. I am not a fan or a supporter of Ted Failon, I do not even care whether it was self-inflicted or perhaps a foul play, but there seems to be wrong in the investigation in some way. There is "something personal" between QCPD and Failon. Any result of the investigation would not be reliable anymore.


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