Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Clinica Dental: A spa-like dental clinic

Cebu City- I was invited last June 22, 2009 for a Grand Opening of dental clinic. I was alone meeting the staffs of the dental clinic and the two Dentists who actually owned the clinic. They offered me a lot of foods and hospitality.

La Clinica Dental, arrived from the spanish word for dental clinic, owned and managed by dentists, Dr. Gail Anthony B. Bitancor and Dr. Karen B. Paglinawan.

Clinic Tagline: We treat, you smile

La Clinica Dental is located at Mabolo, Cebu City. A spa-like dental clinic with a well lighted and comfortable place. Walls painted with stripes of yellow and black which made it a little bit identical with a Pizzeria in Cebu, but it is actually good to the eye. It is quite relaxing while waiting because sofas are provided and magazines to read on with a centralized air-conditioning unit. I like the idea of having no posters on walls showing teeth and other posters that literally describes a dental clinic because it does not spur fear and even attracts more customers most importantly kids to get in and get their teeth fixed.

La Clinica Dental is geographically situated near Supermarket (Island Square), Resto Bars (Paseo), gasoline stations, coffe shops, hotel, saloons and other commercial buildings. It is accessible to all customers because it is just along F. Cabahug road. There is an easy access on Jeepney and Taxi. Parking areas are provided to customers with vehicles. I am not sure if they let customers access wi-fi but it has a wi-fi connection. They are having a free consultation now for one whole month and you are entitled to join their raffle draw every 6 months which grants winner/s a free dental service to the clinic. The Clinic is open from 9 am-12 nn and 1 pm-6 pm.

La Clinica Dental offers the following services:

* Odontectomy
* Oral Prophylaxis
* Tooth Filling
* Teeth Whitening
* Veneers
* Enameloplasty
* Gingivectomy
* Orthodontics

I am hoping they would offer me a free dental service(haha..). I really thought there was a free dental service that day. I was planning to avail a free cleaning that's why I really intended to go there but sad to say there wasn't but at least my appetite was satisfied..=) .It was also my first time acting like a press interviewing people specially the owners. Anyway, thank you to Sir Noel, Doc Atoy and Doc Karen for inviting me. It was a great pleasure to become part of that special event. Congratulations!

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Kai said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeee....nindota gud sa ila clinic..pero mas nice jud if naa free dental services ang bloggers diba?hahaha

oli said...

have included the telephone no
btw What is it ??

LaClinicaDental said...

For a FREE consultation visit:

G/F Strand Tower
F. Cabahug St., Mabolo
Cebu City
"beside the new CITIPARK HOTEL, Paseo area"
Tel Nos.: (032)516-5571


mark said...

congratutaion on your grand openning...

simpolnibai said...

@La Clinica Dental:

Thank you for providing the necessary informations!

God bless and more power!

simpolnibai said...

Thank you to everyone by dropping a comment! well appreciated.....

ping said...

im so proud of u guys!!!luv u both hope to see u soon!!mmmwah!

Amabelle said...

Superb dental services, cool place and warm, good looking dentists. You'll surely come back when needed. I highly recommend...La Clinica Dental.

Bryan Karl said...

"I was little bit shy at that time"?! MAO BA?

Woot, sayang naa ko klase ato, ganahan unta ko muadto sad ana nga event. Tsk2. Good experience Tian kay ikaw ra usa nagrepresent natong tanan. ^:)^

BTW, why man wala nimo gi-allow ang anonymous commenter sa imo blog? Naa nyay ganahan mu-comment na walay Google account or OpenID. :)

Ashley said...

I have a quick question my dad is a dentist and his birthday is coming up and i never know what to buy him i was wondering if you could tell me where you got that tube of toothpaste that is on the toilet[in the picture above].. My dad would love it and it would be so much better then just a card =]

cline said...

hope one day i can visit la clinca if naa free dental/...

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