Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Oral Prophylaxis from La Clinica Dental

After attending the Grand Opening of La Clinica Dental, I wrote a blog about the clinic. Weeks later, Dr. Atoy offered a Free Oral Prophylaxis also known as Dental Cleaning- maybe he liked what I wrote..hehe! Then, I was scheduled for a free oral prophylaxis at La Clinica Dental. This is their way of saying thank you for posting an entry about their clinic. Here is my post:La Clinica Dental A spa-like Clinic.

There is this important thing that a customer should undergo before starting the procedures:
The customer is required to fill out a form declaring personal informations, medical background and dental history which will then be placed in their database to easily locate customers' records as for the next dental consultation.
In this way also, they can easily track the dental health status of the customer because personal informations and previous dental health findings are reflected on their database.
After that dental session, I was able to formulate the following findings:

* I found out that I have one tooth missing and that is my upper 2nd molar tooth . I was told by the Dr. Atoy that I need to have braces to open up a space where an artificial tooth must be placed.

* I have discovered also that two of my teeth are damaged and need to undergo rehabilitation thru crowning.

* I have learned that most of the dirt in the mouth resides in between taste buds so it means we really need to clean our tongue using tongue scraper or if you don't have one you can use toothbrush.

* Also, we are all required to have an Oral Prophylaxis session after every 6 months to maintain a healthy teeth.

Good thing about La Clinica Dental is that they really communicate to customers after 6 months and will give advise that they need to have a cleaning again. This is the main purpose also why they get the contact numbers of the customers. They do periodic monitoring of the dental health status of the customer. They also tell the customer what are other procedures that they need to undergo to have a better and brighter smile.

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Atoy,more power!


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