Friday, February 18, 2011

Cebu Bloggers Society reached at 3!

Founded on the heart's day of the year 2008, Cebu Bloggers Society has reached its 3rd year of presence as the premiere blogging community in Cebu. The group has significantly grow from a simple Online Group to an Organization. The Cebu Bloggers Society started as a Yahoo Group and became a SEC-registered non-profit organization (CBSI) which aims to promote Cebu through blogs. 

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. is never just about blogging. Aside from building friendship, we also build ourselves. Joining this group improved my skills, increased self-esteem and build a connection to the community. With CBSi, I got the chance to serve the community in my own little way thru CBSi Outreach Programs. Giving little donations for fire victims (Umapad and Duljo Fatima), teaching school children in Pinamungajan, and even making Colon St. a campaign poster-free after the 2010 National Election. These are just some of the instances that Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. extended their hands outside the Blogosphere to reach out the community and serve.

We have now reached another year! Today, we will be celebrating Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.'s Third Year Anniversary (February 14, 2011) at PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch from 3-6pm. To all CBSi Members, Congratulations!Happy Anniversary!!! We would like to thank Mr. Renato Z. Osmena Jr., Manager of Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch and Hollister, Inc. for your great help in this celebration.


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