Thursday, February 26, 2009

The best Blind Boxer of the World

Just this morning, Friday, I happened to check my e-mails on Yahoo, I was kinda stopped, amazed and learned to appreciate every little thing I have,that is because of this very inspiring Boxer. He is the toughest, feared like no one wants to step into the ring to defeat him despite of the fact that he is BLIND.Yeah!he is really blind.

A 36-year-old Ugandan, Bashir Ramathan, might have lost his eyesight but he certainly has not lost faith in himself and hope in life.

"You find other blind people sad at home. I say to them, you have to move. If you stay like that, you could bring more sickness on your body", Ramathan told Agence France-Presse (AFP) in an interview on Tuesday, February 25.

Because he can no longer see, his wife left him taking his daughter away. He has no way to run, his parents are already dead. Still, he is strong and was able to go on with life.

"It forced me to become strong. I had to learn how to be alone," said Ramathan, leaning against a wall with cracked paint.

"I was told by my parents I could do everything.",he added.

With great enthusiasm and determination, he continued boxing and live like no difficulties being blind.He even said, "Boxing makes me feel more and more normal."

He is a very good fighter and even become the best blind boxer in Uganda. Boxers fear to compete against him blindfolded because Bashir can sense faster than others and is very sharp.

Every morning, he takes a two-kilometer, hour-long jog with a guide who runs alongside to prevent Ramathan from hurting himself.He then go to the gym for weight-lifting and training.

He has fought in over 15 matches since he resumed boxing and remains undefeated.

Ramathan recognizes that boxing is more difficult without sight, but says he has learned how to "see" with his ears.

In matches, he listens for the breathing and the footsteps of the other boxer to guide his own actions. When the floor is too padded to allow noise, a coach stands outside of the ring to shout directions to both blindfolded boxers.

Now Ramathan's deep character and skills astounded coaches and inspired people all over the world.


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