Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Eco Couriers: Cebu's 1st Bicycle Messenger

Is your gift comes in no time because of traffic? Worry no more.

I have read an article on the BITE MAGAZINE about "Eco Couriers". The bicycle enthusiasts of Cebu has come up with an idea of providing fast and easy delivery of items on your specified locations around Cebu City, Mactan and Mandaue City.They have this bicycle messengers called "Eco Couriers" which delivers anything from confidential documents, ID pictures from photoshops, to personals gifts to loved ones. This is a good a news to those busy-people who do not have enough time to give their gifts and/or flowers to special someone in the upcoming valentine's day. They use bicycle for transportation of items as this would give advantage because of of its smaller size that could surpass heavy traffics anywhere around Cebu City,Mandaue and Mactan.

There is one-hour delivery guaranteed to customers. The items should only have a maximum of 5 kg. Call or text their hotline and be sure to provide the pick-up and delivery location with the sender and receiver's name. The pick-up/delivery would cost only Php 50.00 with hassle-free. Just set down and relax,and soon you'll be surprised that he/she would say "YES" to your "I Love You".

This is quite interesting and maybe I would try this at some other time..(lol).


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