Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cebu Bloggers' Society-Yeko Ar

CBS Pipz just messed around. Out of boredom this video was created..hehe! Please feel free to watch and put a comment so that we would know how we can improve our acting and video editing skills..nyahehehe!

* Karen Veloso a.ka. "kai"
* Michelle Louise Maglasang a.k.a "mikyu"
* Kristian Lloyd Etulle a.ka. "tianexx"
* Jorich Ponio a.k.a "mcCoolot"

Director, Writer and Editor (ahw cameraman pa diay..wahahaha):

Clarence Andrew Mongado a.k.a "clado"

PS: sorry late pag post..dugay2x nani..basin na-change na ang mga face sa casts..bwahahaha


borge said...


hadluk.hadluk pod hap!

ahaahhahahah.. go bai!

inamaw!!! ahhahahaha

ZIGFRED said...

Great short film ! I strongly suggest you make some digital editing and submit this to short film or short clips contest. (Include english subtitles of course) Who knows you could win and this could be your moment of fame and fortune ! heheeheh . . .try visiting and or simply go to google and type "Short film contests"

ZIGFRED said...

Actually I learned about short films about a 2 or 3 years ago. My friend who is very much into doing films (He owns a studio - Photography and video) told me about this.

Years ago he showed me a film by "Paulo Dy" who made an entry to Steven Spielberg's "ON THE LOT" filmmaking competition. His short film entry is QWERTY - A short suspense thriller, it's very interesting and nice. You can check it out at

Although I am not into making films or anything like that. (I am more interested in the business aspect of films hehehe) I am excited of the prospect of Cebu being the "Hollywood of Asia." We have the best facilities, equipment and technical know how right now in the entire continent. (courtesy of Big Foot studios)We even have some very good actors in Cebu. To make it big in the international scene, all we need is a great idea for a film, I guess you aspiring and budding film makers will be able to provide this . Keep the good creative work ! :-)

Pinoy Rookie Blogger said...

ahehehehe happy window blogging... lingaw kaayu mo sa inyung video...

timoy said...

patudlo nya ko ni clado saon pag edit ug video.

TedBitz said...

ay WINNER! i Lab D last part... tiLLLLLLLiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! bonggang bongga etoh! Sali nyo naman me next time para bonggang bongga! aylabbettt!!!

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