Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sen. Mar Roxas shared his time with Cebu Bloggers' Society

The long-awaited and as promised, Senator Mar A. Roxas II met the members of Cebu Bloggers Society last June 11, 2009. It was held at The Coffee Bean- IT Park . Senator Mar Roxas and other presidentiables attended a forum with the Makati and Cebu business clubs on that same day. It's not a bloggers event for MAR ROXAS supporters, it was for everyone. It was indeed a great opportunity for us to meet Sen. Mar Roxas and knew him even better.

Everyone was given time to have their questions answered. Unfortunately, I was not able to asked question to Sen. Roxas because of the limited time he has shared with us. I was supposed to asked him this question, "Is there any truth about the speculations that he is just using News Anchor Korina Sanchez to gain popularity?" I hope not. I am still not convinced with Mar Roxas as this question continues bugging on my mind. But, if I find it true then I should take him out from my list of Presidentiables.

There were some points where I have agreed with Sen. Roxas:
I agree that the number one problem of the Philippines is corruption. His solution for this is putting a reliable and trustworthy person in the government. But, I don't think he can solve it just like that. Corruption happens not due to individual's personality but it is about culture. Corruption has become part of the culture and it cannot be eradicated by putting trustworthy persons. There something he must do to change that culture in the government.

I also agree with his idea on improving first the elementary education starting from grade 1 then after that grade 2 and so on instead of providing solutions to the entire level. It only brings a little impact in addressing the problems on education in the Philippines.

For me, Senator Mar Roxas has the qualities of a leader. He is capable to become a president, with all his academic achievements and degree he has achieved. He is a lawyer and public servant. He is the grandson of the late President Manuel Roxas. He has served the government for many years. However, He still have to prove to the Filipino people that he can lead the Philippines even at the very worst scenario.

CBS Interview with Sen. Mar Roxas (1) from Mikyu on Vimeo:


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