Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida UFC 98

Lyoto Machida came up into the ring looking calm and confident. Rashad Evans, on the other hand, was crawling on his way up to the ring, trying to grab the attention of thousands of people in MGM grand. Evans felt like agitated even before the game started.

Lyoto Machida was very aggressive, pushing Rashad Evans to step back. Machida dominated the whole fight. Evans could not even throw a punch to Machida because of the distance that Machida is maintaining. Evans' boxing style did not work against Machida. Machida leg kicking the shit out of a circling Evans and hitting/moving when he shoots in, damaging Evans's body. Machida threw a big left punch in the head slowing down Evans and finally knocked him down with a series of punches. Rashad Evans was badly beaten by "The Dragon". It was a devastating loss for the defending champion Rashad Evans.

The simple guy came out victorious. The Brazillian, Lyoto Machida made its way to the top,grabbing the UFC Light Weight Title from Rashad Evans.

Watch the video of the fight: click here


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