Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Suspected Cases of A H1N1 Virus found in Cebu

Cebu, Philippines- I was stunned when I heard the news that a suspected case of swine flu pandemic hit Cebu. Despite intensified preventive actions on the swine flu pandemic by the national and local governments in order to avoid swine flu from striking the Philippines, a couple coming from Hongkong allegedly to have been contaminated with A H1N1 Virus. An OFW from Hongkong arrived in Mactan International Airport was detected by thermal scanner to have high body temperature. The quarantine officials were alarmed and immediately sent the man with his wife to Vicente Sotto Hospital to undergo quarantine procedures.

More about this news, just check: OFW, wife checked for swine flu in Cebu

Also, a British woman who had already been staying in Cebu for week voluntarily surrendered herself to undergo tests after suspecting that she acquired the virus.


This is the first case of swine flu in the Philippines. I was already worried about the possible outcomes if this is really true. I am already planning to buy a surgical mask tomorrow as a protection if this outbreak will be confirmed. This is also to avoid from running out of mask because i know for sure that people would go panic-buying. It is always true: Prevention is better than cure, and what's worst is that there is still no cure for this disease.

We will just hope and pray that "It was just a false alarm". The Filipino public now should be more proactive and should do their own precautionary measures from getting infected with the deadly virus.



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