Monday, November 3, 2008

About the Author

"simpolnibai" describes the simplicity of a young blogger behind "" named Kristian Lloyd Etulle a.k.a "tianexx". He came from Province of Leyte and opted to study in Cebu as they said greater opportunities are being offered at the metro. =)

An Overseas Worker's Welfare Administration (OWWA) Scholar. Tianexx is a member of National Organization of OWWA Scholar (NOW). A graduate in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT), 

He was invited into the blogosphere by the “IE – Student” and inspired by the "Guerilla Blogger". He looks to the future with big plans, dreams and with great enthusiasm.


  • Playing DOTA and other LAN Games
  • Playing Online Games
  • Skateboarding (but now i'm not that active)
  • Skimboarding (part of my summer routine)
  • Blogging
  • ug tagay panagsa..haha!

Quitters never win and winners never quit.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can relay my concern to the organizers of Sunstar photo contest.

Since all enties will be required to submit corresponding JPG and RAW/NEF files on CD or DVD, the contest discriminates amateur photographers who are using point & shoot cameras. As you know, point & shoot cameras are not capable of capturing images on RAW. DSLRs are the only ones capable to capture RAW. Therefore the contest is not open to all contrary to what it tries to declare.

Is it possible to amend the rule by excluding the rule on RAW? Thank you.

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