Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hatton wanted Pacquiao to be on his next bout!

The British Boxing Champion gave his British fans a best fight ever after his dramatic loss with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Hatton beat down Malignaggi with his super power punches until the 11th round. He had proven that he is the strongest boxer in his division.

"Hatton started like a house on fire, putting the pressure on Malignaggi right at the opening round, and the pattern never changed until the eleventh round", said.

Due to a raging power right hand jabs from the "Hit Man", Malignaggi trainer Buddy McGirt jumped into the ring to stop the bout at 28 seconds of the 11th round as he concluded defeat on his ward.

Hatton's right hand jabs was very effective over Malignaggi.
Hatton threw a total of 516 punches of which 124 landed, while Malignaggi only threw 342 where only 91 landed.

Malignaggi threw more jabs, 209 to 139 but managed to land only 66 of them.

The main difference was in the power punches connected, as Hatton threw 377 of them with 99 finding their mark. Malignaggi unleashed only 133 power punches, and only 25 landed.

Hatton was so dominant as he won in all rounds in two judges' scorecards, while the third judge only gave one round to Malignaggi before the stoppage.

Malignaggi's face was a mass of welts and bruises by the sixth round and he was never really in the fight after the early stages.

The "Hit Man" said in an interview that fighting with the no. 1 pound for pound boxer of the world Manny Pacquiao would be his next interest.

Magic Man's man defeat against Hatton might be an end up of his boxing career. Malignaggi said before the fight that if he would loss the fight then he might decide to have a premature retirement.

He was suffering a lot with hand injuries with his previous fights. He had gone several hand surgeries and was even told by his doctor to stop from boxing career as this injuries would lead to arthritis in the future.


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