Friday, January 23, 2009

Global Warning

I saw this man as we were watching the Sinulog Parade with his skeleton-costume. There was something written on his staff. I was amazed when I read it, "Global Warning:Help Save a Tree, Pangalagaan ang Kalikasan". Little did I know that he was an environmental advocate showing his concern on the current problem on our environment,the Global Warning.

We couldn't deny the reality that we already feel the effect of Global warning. Weeks ago there was excessive coolness that never happened in the past years. Week after, untolerable heat had hit the city. Nature is now suffering an imbalance. Sooner or later we'll all suffer the worst effect of this phenomena.

Laws protecting the environment must be implemented and should excuses no one. Illegal loggers must vanish or else we'll all suffer from their bad habits.

We must follow this man and do little things to help save the mother earth. Be concerned on the world that we are living.


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