Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New GPS Dog Tracking Collar!Cool!

The Retrieva ™ anti-theft and tracking collar offers:

Tracking Technology

  • Contains 3 different tracking technologies (satellite, telecom and radio frequency) to enable location in virtually every environment
    Has ‘sky-view’ GPS antenna to optimise performance
    User-programmable for changing operational performance and reporting frequency
    Global coverage with appropriate SIM card

Anti-Theft (Security) Features

  • Has locking buckle with automatic interference alert (via SMS text) if the buckle is tampered with whilst locked
    Made of anti-cut material with automatic interference alert (via SMS text) if any attempt is made to cut it
    Can alert the owner (via SMS text) if the dog roams out of any pre-defined safe area or enters a forbidden area

Design and Convenience

  • Programmed and delivered so that it is ‘ready to use’
    Comfortable, stylish and integrated collar design, with reinforced webbing strap
    Waterproof and dustproof to IP67
    Adjustable for size to ensure comfort and security
    Suitable for virtually all dogs – small, medium and large
    Harness version available (late 2008) with the same features for very small dogs
    Self-diagnostic button on the buckle to allow user to assess performance
    Create virtual fences wherever you go
    Communicates directly with your mobile phone, the internet and/or a hand-held receiver
    Automatically alerts you of many events by SMS text, including low battery alert and dog leaving a safe area
    Optional ‘easy release buckle insert’ available for use in environments where you would not normally put a collar on your dog but may still wish to track it. Useful for all types of working dogs. If the collar does break free you will receive an automatic alert of this event by SMS text. (Nb. Insert cannot be used with a lead. It is bright yellow and tagged with a clip to the D-ring to remind you to remove it if necessary).

When purchased with an intelligent charger unit (The ‘ICyou’) you also get the following benefits:

  • ICyou’ technology lets you know when the unit it is safe and in range of the base unit
    ‘ICyou’ technology can send an automatic alert if the unit unexpectedly leaves the base area
    ‘ICyou’ technology can extend the battery life from a few days to many months
    ‘ICyou’ technology automates the switching of tracking and idle modes
    ‘ICyou’ technology allows you to conveniently charge the tracker when necessary

Personal Safety and Security

  • It does not only ensuring protection of your dog from theft and loss, but it will also offer you some personal protection as well. The tracker has a panic button on the top enabling you to transmit an alert message with your current location to a pre-defined list of phone numbers if you are feeling threatened, hurt or lost

“As dog owners and dog lovers, we understand how upsetting it can be when you lose your dog, no matter what length of time,” said Jon Bryan, co-founder of Retrieva. The company also makes general tracking devices, which they recommend for boats, trailers, motorbikes and even vulnerable people. Bryan added: “We knew there had to be an easier way to find your dog than the current solutions available and so decided to develop the collar system... We wanted to put answers straight into owners' hands and that is what we have done.”

But not all dogs leave willingly, and the system can also prevent pilfered poodles. The collar features cut-proof technology and a lock. So if any thief tries to steal your beloved pet, and tries cut off the collar or tamper with the lock, the Retrieva system will automatically send a text alert.

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