Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HABAGAT Hawaiian Party Experience!

Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City- The annual gathering of Habagat family is an offering of enjoyment, give-aways and a party like no others for all Habagat employees. It was very successful and indeed a great experience for us On-the-Job Trainees (OJT). Together with Mariel, Daisy, Vernon and Rio, we have presented a comical skit in order for us to have grades ( The comical skit was entitled 'Everything". It talked about God's greatest sacrifice. We were very happy because unexpectedly we won. We were not supposed to be part of the contest but thank you to Maam Famela for helping us to be part of it. We were very overwhelmed not because they gave us a standing ovation but it's all because they have recognized God. They have realized how good is God and praise God for everything He did for the mankind. It was not for the prize, definitely. We offered it all for God.

It was the first time in the history of Habagat to let OJT get involved in the presentation. Were so much pressured because they expected a lot from us. Even our Gen. Manager was so excited and expected the best presentation. That's why we tried our best. Although, we have practiced only once but then through cooperation and concentration among teammates, it was made possible.

We were being given P3,000 pesos,1 pack of mentos candies, and a certificate of appreciation from the Habagat Management. All the muscle pains I had during the practices were paid back. I have performed the comical skit twice and it was another fulfilling sacrifice I did. What made me very very happy when Sir Lester's wife said to me with a smile on her face "Congratulations, It was very nice. I have the message". It made me even more proud of myself and my teammates for delivering the God's message properly.


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