Friday, December 19, 2008


As we headed to Mango Ave. to chill out and drink some cold Redhorse (YEAh!!), we dropped by at Fuente OsmeƱa Circle. We had a picture taking with the huge Christmas Tree sponsored by M. Lhuiller. We went around and looked for beautiful views. I eventually recognized cool designs of Lanterns made of indigenous materials. I have taken some pictures of the Lanterns I liked the most. There were Lanterns made of empty coca-cola plastic bottles,empty coca-cola cans, old cd's, chinese bamboo, and other materials commonly found at home.

Pasko Sa Sugbo is annual Christmas celebration by lighting & decorating the main thoroughfare in Cebu, starting from the Capitol Building down to Plaza Independencia. Other activities include nightly cultural shows by the different schools, parol, Christmas tree & daygon competition.

Part of the celebration is holding a contest showing the creativity of Cebuanos, the Parol Making Contest. Cebuanos were given the chance to display their personally-made "Parol" out of indigenous materials. The "Parols" are decorated on Fuente Rotonda to add beaty to the site and let the public enjoy as they visit the place. More and more people are going there to relax and feel the spirit of Christmas. If you don't have money to go to malls or spend money drink beer at bars just to relax, then it's a nice place to go.


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